Military Brats FEATURED ARTIST questionnaire

1. Your name and where you live now.

       My name is Ellen Nagel. I now live in Washington with   my husband and three cats.

2. What branch of the service was your parent(s) in?

    My father was in the Canadian Air Force for twenty five years. He was an Aircraft Mechanic with the rank of Sargeant.

3. Where did you live while you were a military dependent?

    I lived in many different places while my dad was in the military. We started in Calgary, Alberta then moved to Greenwood, British Columbia then to Penhold, Alberta.

My dad was then stationed overseas for a year. (England, Germany and France) He took our mother and the youngest of the five kids. Two of us were left with relatives in London,Ontario and two in Lousana, Alberta. When they got back from overseas, dad was stationed in Edmonton, Alberta. From there it was Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan then to Namao, Alberta.

I got married to another air force brat the year before Dad retired in 1968.

4. How did being a military dependent affect you?

    As we were always moving, it was hard to make friends so being a large family, all eight of us girls became very close and were friends as well as siblings.

5. What is your primary art form on Etsy?

    My primary art form for over thirty years was stained glass. Two of those years were on Etsy under the name of Lyons Creations. Now, I make spiders, spiders webs and dragonflies in a shop called Spiderwood Hollow which I opened January 2010.

6. Do you have more than one Etsy shop? Please list your other shops.

    I only have the one shop now on Etsy.

These are some photos of Ellen's work:

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