Military Brats Street Team

1. What is your name, your etsy shop(s) name?

Robin Hall - photographer and designer of Creations Anew Photography and Design

2. What is your blog address?


3. Why did you start blogging?

This is actually my 3rd blog.  Last year I was working on a 100 photo project and each week I would highlight that week's photo from the project.  I'm still trying to get a "handle" on what I'm doing this year.  It is already (past) July - IKES!...still no direction.

4. Does your blog have a theme?
*** What do you usually write about on your blog?

Yes, it has a Photography and Design Theme, but sometimes I like to mix it up and throw in other things that I'm doing or into...for instance, it is garden season so I may throw in some pictures of our garden and talk about what I'm growing...etc.

5. Would you like more “followers” on your blog?

Oh sure!

6. Do you promote your etsy shop or anyone elses etsy shop on your blog?

If I'm having a sale or special event in my etsy shop, I'll promote it on my blog.  Previously, I have spotlighted other photography artists on my blog.

7. Where else can we find you online?

FaceBook: I'm on FB which I really enjoy doing.  It can be addicting.

Twitter:      http://www.twitter.com/creationsanew

Other: Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/creationsanew/

All of my photos have some kind of thought or meaning behind them. They were taken during a trip, or a walk, or event, etc.  They all have a story.  One of my favorite items in my shop would have to be my photographs titled "Expressions".  These pieces of art let me incorporate my two favorite elements, photography and design. (Find the "Expressions" photos in Robin's etsy shop by looking for any of the photos with quotes.)

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Thank you, Robin, for participating in this blog feature and for being so active in our team activities.



A big brat-ty welcome to one of the new members of our etsy Military Brats Street Team:


1.What is your first name & where are you originally from?

I'm Elena J. Abella,from the Philippines.

2.What branch of service was your parent in?

My father is a Master Sergeant from the Philippine Air Force.

3.Where did you live while growing up?

I lived inside a military base called Edwin Andrews Air Base,from birth through college and until I was called to active duty.

4.How did growing up as a military dependent affect you?

Growing up as a military dependent greatly influenced my choice of work after passing the Nurse Licensure Exam.  Instead of working abroad,which was the trend then, I opted to enter the Armed Forces thru its Nurse Corps.  I guessed I have always wanted to be a Lieutenant and the pride that it will give my father who was still in the service that time.

As a nurse, I genuinely would have loved to serve the men in uniform who were fighting insurgency and insurrectionist (sad to say, the Philippines has them all) but that was not the case for me, as I was assigned to the Presidential Security Group.

5.Where do you live now?

It has been 3 years since we moved out from a military camp.With my husband and our 3 very young kids.  We now live in a residential community in the suburbs. It is a middle-class subdivision. I still haven't gained the peace of mind like I had while living inside a military base.Maybe because my entire childhood and most of my adult life I lived inside a peaceful, secured community,where almost everybody is like a family. It's so different now, I miss living in a camp already!

6.Tell us a little about your life now?

So far,I think this is the most challenging and rewarding stage of my life- being a full-time mom! You have to be on your feet even if you don't want to! My goodness, I wasn't warned! After a decade of working as a professional nurse, I thought it's just right that I focus on looking after my brood. I love and cherish everyday I spend with these 3 little angels! It could be chaotic sometimes, but knowing you're making an impact to their lives is enough motivation to be a good person whom they can look up to. Now that we have kids, being a wife is only secondary to being a mom, and in between I have a 'non-profit' business(according to my hubby) to attend to.

7.What is the name of your etsy shop & what is your specialty?

My etsy shop is named Julenas1oak(julena's one of a kind).I make jewelleries such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and a few hair accessories. What makes them different from other jewelries you see is that most of the materials are rare, hard to find vintage components, and reproductions from old toolings sourced from reliable online suppliers. Some of these components are not being made anymore and are very limited so that I only make 1 per design.  As they say, "the possibilities are limitless", which is so very true.

It's tedious as most of my materials comes from outside of the country. Most of the time materials requires 2-3 sources to come up with a single piece like a necklace, not that they aren't available in one supplier, but thats just how I want it to be. As much as possible I use natural stone beads and very few glass beads just to add sparkle to a piece.

8.Where else can we find you online?

I maintain a blog at http://www.julena14.blogspot.com and a new twitter account http://twitter.com/#!/VintajjulEna

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Thank you Elen, for participating in this new blog feature!



Welcome to our Brat-ty Blogger Feature!

♥1. What is your name, and your etsy shop(s) name?

My name is Karen Casey-Smith, and my Etsy shop is under the same name, http://www.karencaseysmith.etsy.com/ I'm a fine art photographer who also makes spiritual Flower Mandalas, used to bring uplifting, positive energy into your living space, or work environment.

True - Flower Mandala

♥2. What is your blog address?

Title: photo energy - art that captures you ... http://karencaseysmith.com/blog/

♥3. Why did you start blogging?

Initially I began blogging to show my work, to make connections with people, introduce myself, and tell about what I do. I have to say though, that writing is good for me. Organizing my thoughts enough to write a post really does bring me a lot more clarity, and it's fun to be actively participating.

Presence - Flower Mandala

♥4. Does your blog have a theme? *** What do you usually write about on your blog?

Blogging allows me to make a bit deeper connection with others by telling the story behind an image, insights it has brought me, or by sharing a quote that conveys the feeling of the image. I love sharing things (images, quotes, music, and videos) that are uplifting, spark my enthusiasm, and have been helpful in my life. Sometimes, through my photographs, I enjoy simply showing beautiful, cool, or fun things I see.

Emissary of Light

♥5. Would you like more “followers” on your blog?

For sure, I'd love to have more followers! You can follow through RSS, or sign up by email. Look for the sign up directly under my blog banner, on the right hand side of the page.

Always, My Love

♥6. Do you promote your Etsy shop or anyone elses Etsy shop on your blog?

My Etsy mini is there in the left column, and links to the Etsy shops of some of my friends are on the right column.

Gentle One

♥7. Where else can we find you online?

You can find me at:

        ArtFire _ http://www.artfire.com/users/KarenCaseySmith

        Zibbet_ http://www.zibbet.com/KarenCaseySmith

        Facebook _ http://artist.to/karencaseysmith

        Twitter_ http://twitter.com/karencaseysmith

♥8. Let’s see your favorite item from your shop and tell us something about it.

It's hard to pick a favorite, though one image that continues to have a special place in my heart is Dandelion Clock. The dandelion is just at the right stage to blow for a wish. The colors are a warm memory. It has a lot of significance as well, since dandelions are the official flower for Brats, and the pocket watch you see was my great-grandfather's. I was fortunate to have him around until I was twelve. He was truly the perfect grandfather.

Dandelion Clock