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Military Brats FEATURED ARTIST questionaire

1. Your name and where you live now.

Ruth Hill Radcliffe, living in the great state of Texas

2. What branch of the service was your parent(s) in?

My dad was a pilot in the Air Force

3. Where did you live while you were a military dependant?

We lived in Laredo, Texas three times, San Antonio, Texas, Caracas, Venezuela, and Colorado Springs

4. How did being a military dependant affect you?

Being a military brat was a little difficult for me. Our first major posting was when I was 6 years old. We were living in Venezuela at that time and there were 3 revolutions during our three years there. As a very shy and sensitive little girl this was very traumatic, not really knowing what was happening yet seeing violence on the TV and listening to gunfire. I wish that had made me braver, but it didn't.

5. What is your primary art form on Etsy?

At this moment I'm really concentrating on photography, although I am enjoying jewelry making....alas my painting desk is feeling a little neglected.

6. Do you have more than one Etsy shop? Please list your other shops.

1. rhradcliffedesigns.etsy.com



7. Where else can we find you online?



Visit Ruth's shops on etsy:




        This is a new feature on our team blog.  I hope you enjoy it!

♥1. What is your name, your etsy shop(s) name?

My name is Angee Chase and here are my shops.

AngeeArt.etsy.com ~ Vintage and handmade larger sculptures  http://www.angeeart.etsy.com/

WonderWorks.etsy.com ~ Dollhouse Miniatures and Jewelry http://www.wonderworks.etsy.com/

Visualicious.etsy.com ~ Soon to be a How-To DIY shop selling , kits, supplies and .pdf directions for making my edible candy and jewelry "Fruity Cuties." See my sold items for examples.
HeadlineDesign.etsy.com [letting all the listings run their course to close down. no sales]

 ********SALE ********I will give a 30% discount to any "Military Brat" who purchases from any of my shops. Before purchasing, convo me with " I'm a Military Brat " in the subject line and let me know what item you want to purchase. I will reduce the price of the item's listing and convo you right back. :D

♥2. What is your blog address?

Title: I N S P I R E D ... A Handmade Production Journal ... http://www.angeeart.blogspot.com/

♥3. Why did you start blogging?

I initially began my main blog to consolidate all of my venues and internet interests in one place. Since I regularly work in multiple mediums, I wanted a place to display everything; new ideas, custom commissions, items not listed in my shops, contest entries, etc. I've used it as a glorified portfolio. This blog stores everything ...so if I go into the archives I can literally see how productive I've been. It keeps track of all my links and most images so if my puter dies...what I have posted online stays alive.

♥4. Does your blog have a theme? *** What do you usually write about on your blog?

I guess the theme would be... Angee's Grand Central Station for everything I'm doing and everywhere I am online. Lately I have been using it (not all that often) to list my newest miniature work. But whenever I come up with something new in any of my shops or on any websites... I report on it to my followers. It affords me the opportunity to share with the visitors "Feedjit" (an app I use that shows visits in realtime) reveals from all over the world!

♥5. Would you like more “followers” on your blog?

I would LOVE more followers if blogger would get on the ball and fix the follower thingie so people could see that I have followers!

♥6. Do you promote your etsy shop or anyone elses etsy shop on your blog?

This blog is all about my creations and what inspires me. Mostly I promote my own items and shop venues. However, when entering contests or other such stuff I usually wind up promoting other blogs & websites.

I also have two other blogs that are primarily intented to feature other shops and artisans. (somewhat in disrepair)


An idea I had using Etsy minis but after I got it rolling realized you can't make multiple pages that way. They all have to stay on every page. So now it is a very elite venue that features rotating Etsy minis. [Hey this idea would work great to rotate featured weekly/monthly Brat team shops.]

..and this one

Title: Creative-Class ~ ac-Class.blogspot.com

Designed to feature only the best and most awesome artisans, their work, and creative processes. There are some awesome artisans there from last year. I got 5 artisans for free features the first of the year, and none of them ever submitted their info so... there it sits, last post was Dec. of last year! :-)

♥7. Where else can we find you online?

I have a NEW Pro Studio on ArtFire where I have all my eggs in one basket... or carry all of my mediums:


and, a new Facebook Fan Page for WonderWorks with an ArtFire landing page Kiosk. This page is geared toward my line of handmade dollhouse miniatures from Etsy and ArtFire.


My main Facebook Fan Page soon to be mostly about my fine art and sculpture.


I just recently broke down and signed up on Twitter: twitter.com/AngeeArt

♥8. Let’s see your favorite item from your shop and tell us something about it. You can also share anything you are working on.

Well...I just love miniatures (of course) so, if I had to choose a favorite thing from my shops it would be from my WonderWorks Shop... www.etsy.com/listing/54128796/tiny-gingerbread-house-hand-sculpted

This is the first Whimsy House I made in the series and it's been my best seller. It's great fun making all the tiny candies and parts for it. Thought it was the right size for a dollhouse gingerbread house to sit on a mini dining table, but alas, no! Team MIDS (Miniatures in Dollhouse Scale) informed me it was too big for 1:12" scale. So, it inspired a series of tiny collectibles in their own collector cases. It's still very small... 2" in diameter and stands 2" tall. (looks much bigger in photos than it is in realtime)

I just finished three shrunken heads to go in a miniature witch's house for a customer in Australia, and am currently finishing up some miniature books, a dollhouse world globe, a new design for some tiny flamingo earrings, and adding a gazillion things to my new ArtFire Shop.

Go visit Angie's blog and don't forget to leave her a comment!
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