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Military Brats FEATURED ARTIST questionaire

1. Your name and where you live now.

Ruth Hill Radcliffe, living in the great state of Texas

2. What branch of the service was your parent(s) in?

My dad was a pilot in the Air Force

3. Where did you live while you were a military dependant?

We lived in Laredo, Texas three times, San Antonio, Texas, Caracas, Venezuela, and Colorado Springs

4. How did being a military dependant affect you?

Being a military brat was a little difficult for me. Our first major posting was when I was 6 years old. We were living in Venezuela at that time and there were 3 revolutions during our three years there. As a very shy and sensitive little girl this was very traumatic, not really knowing what was happening yet seeing violence on the TV and listening to gunfire. I wish that had made me braver, but it didn't.

5. What is your primary art form on Etsy?

At this moment I'm really concentrating on photography, although I am enjoying jewelry making....alas my painting desk is feeling a little neglected.

6. Do you have more than one Etsy shop? Please list your other shops.

1. rhradcliffedesigns.etsy.com



7. Where else can we find you online?



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ruth hill radcliffe said...

Hi Patti, thanks for featuring me, hugs cousin ruth

Robin@creations-anew.com said...

Ruth's photos are so "real"...love the colors!

Deb said...

Wow really gorgeous photos!!!
Robin- thanks for posting this on Twitter!

oceankisses said...

Thank you for being our featured artist Cousin Ruth! Your photos are fabulous!

Karen Casey-Smith said...

Ruth is a wonderfully talented artist, and lovely person! I enjoy all of her work.