September's Bratty Birthdays

Happy September everyone... Happy Labor Day too! BUT, MOST IMPORTANTLY...

This is going to be fun, because... Brats love to celebrate!!! Recently I volunteered to help out on the Brat team and have now become the "Brat Birthday Secretary!" Each month I'll be contributing a "Happy Birthday" post to celebrating members!

After much research and interesting Brat Shop exploration, I'm proud to announce the following Military Brat Members celebrating birthdays in the month of September. Click their name links and go wish them a great day as each arrives!

♥ W.Rabbit - September 8th
♥ Angee Art~WonderWorks~Visualicious - September 12th*
♥ T.L.Sexton0913 ~ Mr. Moon's Originals - September 13th*
♥ Craft Manor - September 18th
♥ Mother of Jackals - September 20th
♥ Not That Jaded - September 21st
(*same artist shops)

Happy Birthday to all ... ♥ Angee
P.S. There were a few members that didn't divulge their birthdays in their profiles. If you were left out and want to be included, convo me your b-date anytime.


Anhoki's Place said...

HAPPY birthday BRATS!!!

oceankisses said...

Great idea! Happy Birthday to all September Brats!