Helping Hand Series - Helpful Hints for Selling on Etsy

Sellers Helpful Hints
(a new series offering handy hints for selling on etsy)

You have talent. You wouldn't open an etsy shop if you didn't. You've worked hard, made your beautiful items, spent time posting items for sale, and then started to wonder what you can do to make your shop a little better. Hopefully these tips will get you where you want to go, and get your shop some well deserved attention. Just remember, what may work for one seller might not work for another. So just hang in there, try a few new things, and see if that makes a difference.

Topic #1 The best place to start

What should you sell? This may seem like such a simple thing to consider, but those who sell successfully (to inlude shops that are non-etsy) consider this heavily before they put anything up for sale. Think of your shop like a catalogue, or a boutique. If you walked into a shop, and there was little to no variety, would you stay and shop? If you browsed a catalog, and the items didn't work well together, would you seriously consider a purchase from this company? I doubt many people would think it normal to walk into a pet store and find hair accessories in a corner. Or walk into a kitchen store where half a shelf was dedicated to jewelry and think that it belonged. To get a good idea of whether you are off to a good start, perhaps try asking yourself a few questions.

1. What do my items have in common?
2. Do I have enough variety to choose from within my shop? How about within each section?
3. If you looked at a catalog with the same items in your shop, would you be wondering why a certain item is missing? (i.e. looking at a jewelry shop, would you wonder where the matching earrings are for that necklace? How about bracelets?)
4. What could I add/remove that could make my shop more cohesive?

If you have a great tip you would like to share, please email jenharruff@yahoo.com

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Robin Norgren said...

These are some great questions! The thoughts on cohesiveness are ones I am going to implement right away.