You See / I See - Trouble Waters

You See/I See is a brand new weekly feature on the "Brat" Blog. Each Friday, we will ask two brats to find an item from a fellow brats shop that represents their idea of the weekly theme. This week's theme is: Trouble Waters

You See...from Robin of CreationsAnew Photography & Design, - "It is blue/green like water with swirls that remind me of ripples and waves."

Couquette Soap * Lip Balm * Perfume* Sachets * More

I See...from Jen of Cupcakes and Cameos, - " The pendent reminded me of a boat and the chain swirling waters."

Seavbeach Designs

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Robin@creations-anew.com said...

I'm really excited for this weekly feature....Looks like fun!

jenharruff said...

I am looking forward to seeing future you see/I see posts! Thanks Robin!